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SPJ @ VCU is the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at Virginia Commonwealth University.

For over 100 years SPJ has been working to provide journalists with the connections and resources they need to become better professionals.

By joining SPJ you will:

  • Make professional connections and meet mentors.
  • Have the opportunity learn from other professionals in the field.
  • Attend exclusive conventions and events.
  • Become a part of the journalism community at VCU.
  • Grow as a professional while having fun on campus!

Check out other benefits of becoming a national member of SPJ.

SPJ @ VCU gives you the opportunity to get involved locally but when you join the national chapter of SPJ the opportunities are greater. To become an active member of SPJ pay your dues online today.

How to pay your national and local dues:

1. Go to the SPJ homepage:

2. Click on the SPJ tab on the far left (pictured below):


3. Click on the “Members section”
4. Once on “Become an SPJ Member” page, fill in the appropriate information (pictured below):
Step 4
5. While filling in the information, be sure to put Virginia Commonwealth University as the Company/School (pictured below):
Step 5
6. As you continue to fill in your information, click “other” when it asks what medium you are associated with. No need to write anything, just click it.
Step 6
7. When you get to the National Dues section, please click the Student one-year membership for $37.50.
Under that will be a section for local dues. Click VCU as your chapter, it will be $10 for a year (both pictured below):
Step 7

8. You will then be directed to credit card information. After paying these dues online you should get a card and/or email confirming you national and local SPJ membership. You will also receive a membership number.

If there are any questions about dues, please be sure to email Amir Vera (, Jeff South (, or Tim Bajkiewicz (

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