Weekly Scholarship and Internship Listing

1. The Alden Aaroe Scholarship (Up to $1,000, Deadline March 1)

Awarded to a rising junior or senior mass communications student studying journalism with a 3.0 or higher GPA. This award is based heavily on GPA

2. The Crutchfield Journalism Scholarship (Up to $2,500, Deadline March 1)

Awarded to a rising junior or senior print journalism major.  The award is based on academic achievement, financial need and the promise of success in newspaper work

3. The Lincoln Financial Group Journalism Scholarship (Up to $500, Deadline March 1)

Awarded on the basis of financial need to an undergraduate student who has completed at least 60 hours in the journalism program, has a minimum GPA of 3.0 and is in good academic standing

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Weekly Internship Listing

1. footballrants.com – Sports Journalist Internship

The owner of footballrants.com, Tarif Rahman, is looking for talented writers interested in sports journalism and anyone interested in soccer. If interested send your application to editor@foolballrants.com answering the following:

1 – Describe your background in soccer, whether you played or watched.
2 – What would you write about if you were accepted as one of our writers?
3 – What teams/leagues do you follow?
4 – Please include a sample of your writing. This may either be something original or something you wrote for another project. You may include this as an attachment, a link, or just simply paste it within the email.

2. The Beginner – Business Journalist


We are looking for students in journalism who want to gain real experience and see their articles and stories published.

The Beginner (www.thebeginner.eu), an award-winning business magazine, gives you the chance to become a journalist and start building you career.

If you are interested in one or more of the topics we cover, please get in touch with us.


No experience is required.

How To Apply:

Just send us your motivation letter at: jobs@thebeginner.eu

Duration: 6 months

Salary: Depending on performance

Deadline: Feb 19, 2014

Email: jobs@thebeginner.eu

3. International Center for Journalists – The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship: Funded Reporting for Two-Months in Germany

American print and broadcast journalists have until March 1, 2014, to apply for a two-month professional exchange program in Germany. Successful applicants will spend August and September living, working and reporting for their home and host news organizations from across the Atlantic.

The Arthur F. Burns Fellowships is a competitive program open to media professionals between the ages of 21 and 37 who are employed by a newspaper, news magazine, broadcast station, news agency or who work freelance and/or online. Participant qualifications also include a demonstrated journalistic talent and a strong interest in European affairs. Foreign language proficiency is an important consideration in the selection process.

Ten U.S. journalists are each granted a $4,000 living stipend while they are abroad, with an additional $1,200 for domestic airfare to Washington and international airfare to Germany. The program also covers lodging in Washington, D.C. for a joint one-week group orientation session in July. Selected Fellows not fluent in German will spend the first two weeks of the Fellowship in intensive German language classes. Expenses will be covered and details will be made available after fellows have been selected.

To Apply: visit www.icfj.org/burns or contact burns@icfj.org.

4. Bipartisan Policy Center – Summer 2014 Bipartisan Policy Center Internship

Interns will assist individual projects and departments in several capacities and should be enthusiastic about working on a variety of tasks. Candidates must be team players and express an interest in one of the BPC’s various policy projects or functional areas:

• Communications

• Democracy Project

• Development

• Economic Policy Project

• Energy Project

• Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative

• Foreign Policy Project

• Government Relations

• Health Project

• Homeland Security Project

• Housing Commission

• Immigration Task Force

Summer Deadline: March 1st

Submit via email to bpcinternships@bipartisanpolicy.org.

Required materials:
1. Cover Letter – please indicate your top two areas of interest from BPC’s project and functional areas listed above.
2. Resume
3. Writing Sample of approximately 3 pages
4. College or University Transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
5. Please provide phone and email contact information for 1-2 references, including a professor or other individual familiar with your work.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

5.GM Authority – Junior Author


Become A GM Authority Intern

Do you have a passion for cars, the automotive industry, General Motors, or all three? Do you like to research various topics and to write about them? Do you want to be a published author of a popular and highly-respected automotive online publication?

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place, because GM Authority — the leading destination for GM enthusiasts — is looking for interns looking to become professional writers.

Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/careers/intern/


Internships often serve as the beginning to long, successful, and rewarding careers — and it’s how many GM Authority staff writers began their full- or part-time positions. Some adjectives that could be used to describe GM Authority interns include:

Tip-top grammar
Passionate about cars
Passionate about writing

You don’t have to be a perfect writer (who is?) to intern here. But it’s vital that you have the basic skills (like grammar and timeliness) under control.

How To Apply: email webmail@gmauthority.com

Tell us about you, why you want to intern here, and include a writing sample of your choosing of roughly 500 words.

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
US Any $5-$10   per article 4-400   months Unknown Feb.   23, 2014

Weekly Internship Listing

1. Isportsweb.com – Sports Correspondent Internship

The internship: We are seeking students who want to build their resume and potentially obtain college credit by writing for a nationally recognized website. On top of students who want to publish their work, we are searching for passionate and knowledgeable sports minds who desire to write about the one team that they truly love.

 We have full and partial openings for a host of major pro and college teams. The correspondent position comes with the opportunity to have the student’s writing reach a national audience as isportsweb.com feeds into Google News, ESPN, and FoxSports.

Click here to see more details.

2. The Richmond International Film Festival – Communications Intern

RIFF is currently seeking volunteers and interns to help with this year’s festival, Feb 27-March 2nd, 2014.  Applicants should ideally be able to assist 10-12 hours per week beginning early January through the festival dates, however, if positions are still available we will also place those that are only available the week of the fest.

 Volunteers/interns will be working in one of the following areas: Press/Publicity, Filmmaker Liason, Administrative/Event Planning, General Administration, Website/Social Media Management, Ushers/Ticket Sales.

Click here to see more details

3. Dominion – Digital Communications Intern, Summer 2014

Are you looking to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world at a Fortune 200 company? Dominion is currently recruiting for 2014 summer interns Business and Liberal Arts internship opportunities in many of our business areas. If you are interested in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Supply Chain, Corporate Security, Real Estate, Communications, Human Resources, Marketing, Math and etc. Here’s your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage to position yourself in the job market upon graduation. These opportunities may be located at several of Dominion’s locations, offices, and power stations.
 All majors/interests applicable to Dominion 2013 Business and Liberal Arts internship opportunities may not be listed above, please apply for consideration if your major falls into a Business or Liberal Arts category. Students interested in Dominion may visit our website https://www.dom.com/about/companies/index.jsp to learn more about Dominion.

 * All candidates must apply online at http://www.dom.com/careers to be considered for an internship (no exceptions).

Click here to see more details

4. Virginia Tourism Corporation – PR/Journalism Internship 

VTC’s Public Relations department has a limited number of intern openings in the Richmond office for public relations/journalism students throughout the year. While the positions are unpaid, the internship can be structured for course credit if desired; and flexible hours are available. Interns can expect a variety of public relations and basic office experiences, including the opportunity to work on public relations projects. For more details, contact VTC’s Danielle Emerson at 804-545-5576 or DEmerson@virginia.org.

5. mxdwn, Music News Writer

Remote, Application deadline: May 7, 2014

Do you love being the first one to know about your favorite bands’ releases, shows, and tours? Want to kickstart your career as a music journalist? You’re in luck – we are currently looking for people to join our team!

We are a daily music magazine that is seeking writers for our newswire. Updated as much as possible, our newswire lets music junkies know what’s going down in the music world at any given time in a concise, entertaining way.

As a newswire writer, you will be a major content producer for our site. Your responsibilities will include covering the stories that you are assigned, editing those stories for proper format and mechanics, and uploading and managing digital content such as videos, photos and songs.

Click here for more info and details on how to apply.

6. The Indo-Pacific Review, New Media Assistant

Remote, Application deadline: March 1, 2014

The Indo-Pacific Review is seeking an intern to assist with developing and implementing our social media strategy. This is a virtual position, which allows the intern to work from anywhere and according to their own schedule.

Click here for more info and details on how to apply.

7. Bustle.com, Paid Summer Writing Internship at Bustle.com

Remote/NY, NY, Application deadline: March 31, 2014

Bustle.com is searching for summer writing interns who specialize in one of our site’s verticals: news/politics, entertainment, fashion/beauty, lifestyle, or books.

 Interns work directly with the vertical’s editor to contribute daily news posts, features, and originally reported pieces (yep!). Writers have the opportunity to produce at least three articles daily and be featured on the site as contributors.

Click here for more info and details on how to apply

SPJ @ VCU hosts 2013 Mock Governor’s Race Debate

SPJ @ VCU hosts 2013 Mock Governor's Race Debate

How to Pay Your SPJ Dues

Follow these steps to pay your local and national dues by Oct. 1

1. Go to the SPJ homepage: http://www.spj.org/

2. Click on the SPJ tab on the far left (pictured below): 



3. Click on the “Members section” 

4. Once on “Become an SPJ Member” page, fill in the appropriate information (pictured below): 


5. While filling in the information, be sure to put Virginia Commonwealth University as the Company/School (pictured below):



6. As you continue to fill in your information, click “other” when it asks what medium you are associated with. No need to write anything, just click it. 



7. When you get to the National Dues section, please click the Student one-year membership for $37.50.
 Under that will be a section for local dues. Click VCU as your chapter, it will be $10 for a year (both pictured below):



8. You will then be directed to credit card information. After paying these dues online you should get a card and/or email confirming you national and local SPJ membership. You will also receive a membership number.

If there are any questions about dues, please be sure to email Amir Vera (veraia@vcu.edu), Jeff South (jcsouth@vcu.edu), or Tim Bajkiewicz (tbajkiewicz@vcu.edu). 

Journalism Interactive Event Inspires Students and Teachers

Journalism Interactive

SPJ at VCU students traveled to the University of Maryland Friday to attend the first Journalism Interactive conference, which featured prestigious experts in journalism from across the country —  including VCU School of Mass Communication’s very own professor Jeff South.

411 individuals from 119 schools participated in the 2-day event, which was hosted by UMD’s Phillip Merril School of Journalism.

Relatively few students attended the conference, which was geared towards journalism school educators. However, SPJ at VCU chapter members said they gained a lot from the experience.

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Resume Workshop Today!

Your resume is often your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to make an impression on potential employers.

If you’d like some help perfecting your resume, or some direction on how to get started making one, come to our Resume Workshop TONIGHT at 7 p.m. in the Temple Building conference room (rm 2211).

We’ll have an ambassador from the career center and another special guest to advise us on the do’s and don’ts of crafting resumes and cover letters. Don’t miss it!

Quote of the Week

“News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”

–Lord Northcliffe, British publisher 1865-1922

Last-Minute Research Grant Opportunity

Do you have a great story idea that will take some funds to research? Do you have some spare time this weekend? Apply for United Press International’s $1,000 reporting grant for students. Hurry though! The deadline is this Monday–I know, sorry for the short notice, but it’s worth a try!

To find out more and to apply, click here: http://www.upi.com/EDU-grant

Upcoming Deadlines

Hey SPJers, don’t forget about the scholarship and internship opportunities we’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter–some of the deadlines are rapidly approaching and we’d hate to have you miss out on some great opportunities to showcase your skills and possibly earn some great experience (and fame and fortune…kind of)! Don’t cheat yourself; we know you have what it takes!

Upcoming deadlines include:

CampusCoverage Scholarship – Sept. 30

Apply at http://data.nicar.org/campus 

Chronicle of Higher Education Internship – Oct 7:

Find out how to apply here http://blog.vcu.edu/mascinternships/2011/09/internships_at_the_chronicle_t.html

Scripps Howard News Service Internship – Nov 1:

Apply at http://www.shfwire.com/node/5464

Dow Jones News Fund Internship – Nov 1:

Apply here  https://www.newsfund.org/PageText/Prg_HomePages.aspx?Page_ID=Prg_CollegeIntern

And MUCH more information is available on VCU’s Mass Comm Internship blog at:


Thanks to Prof. Jeff South for updating us about these opportunities! If you need more information about any of these offers, feel free to contact us, Prof. South, or your Mass Comm advisor.


   PR/Communications Chair, SPJ

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